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Research Laboratories

Research Laboratories

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Every year, this department makes use of its superior research capabilities to complete National Science Council research projects and Ministry of Education science and technology projects. The emphasis in education today is on creating a complementary relationship between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Therefore, in recent years, this department has been involved in many industry-academia collaborations with Taiwan’s largest electronics companies. Currently, this department is working on more than 10 large-scale projects. In addition, many of the department’s faculty members have completed award-winning research and published specialized monographs. Obtaining a patent provides a monetary value for research achievements. Among them, National Science Council projects include individual research projects, university student projects and integrated research projects. Academic and industry-commissioned projects include Ministry of Education projects, FCU special projects, public corporation projects and industry-academia collaborations, etc.

Our Research Laboratories are as follows.

Room No.
Lab. Name
EC 119-2
先進元件製程及可靠度研究實驗室 Advanced Device Process and Reliability (ADPR) Lab
EC 307-1
IC Process & Design Lab
EC 308-2
Semiconductor Processing Research Lab
EC 309-1 功率與高頻元件實驗室 Power & High Frequency Devices Research Lab
EC 309-2 半導體量測實驗室 Semiconductor Testing Research Lab
EC 504 奈米科技暨電子材料實驗室 Nano Technology & Electronic Material Research Lab
EC 509-2 化合物半導體實驗室 Compound Semiconductor Lab


Room No.
Lab. Name
EC 304
EC 307-2
Systems Analysis and Design Lab
EC 308-1
TCAD Research Lab
EC 506
Reliable IC Development Lab
EC 507-1
SoC Lab
EC 507-1
Devices and Circuits Design Lab
EC 509-1
VLSI Research Lab
IE 517
Integrated Circuits Lab
IE 516
Electronic Device Lab


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